Welcome to Avasule Construction LLC

Since 1998, Avasule Constructions has provided Construction and Consulting services to mutiple organizations across the nation. A constant since our founding in San Francisco, Carlifonia by William Sebastian Avakian and Kyle Suleski over 24 years ago, we have reviewed thousands of projects and billions of dollars worth of construction and commercial real estate assets across America.


Listed below are some of the services we offer.

Document and Cost Review

We help carry out the tedious work of documentation and cost review, so you can relax while we work.

Project Monitoring & Management

Our project management team are well versed in planing and management which helps us deliver quality projects on time.

Cost Analysis

With our team of qualified financial analysts, we always make sure every penny spent during a construction project is utilised efficiently.

Property Condition Assessments

Do you need to assess the structural quality of a facility?. We've got you corvered.

Building Construction and renovation

Need to build or renovate a property?. With our well structured and efficient construction and management process, we have you corvered.

Other Specialty Services

We carry out other special construction related services. Contact us for your special needs.

The Corporate Ethos

We deliver innovative solutions for value-driven project planning and execution.


Building for Tomorrow


Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure, Everywhere in the World.


Exceeding Clients’ Expectations by Delivering Completed Jobs that Meet Specified Technical, Financial and Time Indices


Rob Stephens

I have used several construction companies over the years for our projects. Since engaging Avasule Constructions 5 years ago, we have not looked back. We constantly call them for various projects we have. I have recommended them severally to my collegues and i would advise anyone to engage them for their construction projects.

Sara Wilsson

They provide very reliable services, I would recommend them to anyone who wants to acquire a property for property condition assessment.

Jena Karlis

They are well organized and managed, with very skilled, efficient and well mannered engineers. I especiallylove their professionalism and detailed communication and updates during the project duration.